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Workshops en acteur

Joshua de Vries is acteur en bied daarnaast ook workshops aan voor de zakelijke en educatieve markt. Bedrijfsuitjes? Gelegenheden? Op zoek naar Leerzame entertainment binnen een educatieve setting? Joshua kan je helpen! 

"Acting is all about freeing people. Help them not to worry, but to live, even for a moment. That moment without worries is like rising above the clouds! Beneath them is all the chaos, the misery, the evil, the worries… But you rise above them and you are free. You breathe pure oxygen and all you see is extreme beauty. A clear open sky, the sun which colors everything around you and its beams that make you feel warm. Giving this feeling of serenity. For a moment you are back in touch with life itself and there is this peace of the heart you experience. Any moment the world will draw you back in, but that very moment there above the clouds… nobody can ever take that away from you. You are free. Truly free."

- Joshua Frost